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  • For NCC-AP testing information page, follow this link:  NCC-AP LINK


  • The foundation for all three certification exams is NAADAC’s Guide to Addiction Counseling Desk Reference.  The three Modules of this Desk Reference on ethics, addiction counseling skills & theories, and pharmacology provide the basic knowledge needed to enter and work in the addictions profession.  NAADAC Reference Materials  LINK


  • NAADAC also offers a NCC-AP Practice Exam:  LINK


  • Sample test questions can be found at:  Addictions Exam LINK.  This site offers a free practice exam and also various subscriptions so you can access their entire question databank.  Questions are very helpful.

  • Sample test questions can be found at:  Mometrix Test Preparation Addiction Counselor Practice.  LINK


  • If you are planning to take the NCAC I, NCAC II or MAC Exam, in addition to the NAADAC reference materials, you may find the following resources helpful:


  • Pharmacology:

    • Uppers, Downers and All-Arounders - 8th Edition:  LINK

    • Buzzed - 4th Edition:  LINK


  • Clinical Supervision:

    • Essentials of Clinical Supervision:  LINK

    • Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling:  LINK

    • SAMHSA TIP 52:  Clinical Supervision and Professional Development:  LINK

    • SAMHSA TIP 21A:  Competencies for Clinical Supervision:  LINK


  • Co-Occurring Disorders:

    • SAMHSA TIP 42:  Co-Occurring Disorders:  LINK


  • Other Guides:

    • NAADAC Code of Ethics:  LINK

    • Medication-Assisted Treatment:  LINK


  • Neither CAAP or NAADAC guarantees that you will pass the exam.  It is essential you study diligently for these exams.  National exams are much harder than exams we take in classes or trainings. 



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