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Welcome to the Colorado Association of Addictions Professionals (CAAP) website.  


CAAP may collect personally identifiable information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address you voluntarily provide to us through this website.  We may use this information to contact you with regard to your inquiry, or to notify you of news, new products, or services.  To opt out of any future correspondence, please email at or via phone at 303.763.7198.


We do not ask for dates of birth, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or personal health-related information through this website.  Please do not submit such information through this website, as we cannot guarantee the privacy of such information.


Community, Social Networking, and Blogs

This website may contain public features that allow for user-generated content and dialog between users and CAAP or third-parties.  By using these features you understand this is a public forum and the information and contributions you provide can and will be seen by others.  We are not responsible for the content of any user-generated material on this website.


Please do not post any private information on our public forums. If you posted private information by mistake and would like it removed, please call 303.763.7198 as soon as possible – we will respond to your request in the order it was received.  If we cannot remove your information, we will notify you.


There may be the ability to share the contents of this website on various social media, content syndication, and other websites.  By employing the share option you understand that personally identifiable information may be transmitted to these websites.  We have no control over how these third-party websites manage your information.



We may or may not use cookies to improve the functionality of our website. Cookies are snippets of data that reside on the user’s computer hard drive in order to allow for faster load times and to track repeat visitors and visitor preferences. Cookies do not gather personally identifiable information and should you wish to disable cookies, you can do so in your browser. Most browsers are able to reject all cookies. Please refer to your browser’s help section to learn more.


Third-Party Cookies and Data Collection

We may employ a third-party statistics gathering service which may anonymously collect information about your IP address, Internet Service Provider, and location as well as your behaviors on our site. We have no access or control over the collection policies set forth by statistics gathering software, but your private information will only be viewed in aggregate, and will not sold or shared with other organizations.  Any statistics information gathered is only for our use to help us provide the best and most responsive content and site user experience.



No part of our website is secured by encryption, therefore any information transmitted may be visible to others with malicious intent.  The very nature of the Internet is not fully secure.  We are not responsible for any content added to our website or information collected from our website due to a malicious attack.


Your personally identifiable information may be transmitted through servers not owned or managed by CAAP and over transmissions lines that may or may not be secured by your Internet Service Provider. CAAP  is not responsible for breaches in security at these third-party facilities.


We may use third-party software to manage user-generated content.  Again, any community sections are not secure and user registration information could be accessed by malicious users.


Our website contains hyperlinks to other websites, and are provided as a convenience to you. We have no control over the content or privacy practices of these third-party websites.



In order to speed the loading time of the website, you browser may cache some of the content of our website, including images or animations. This website may use caching from time to time to enhance user experience.


Not Intended for Children’s Use

This website is intended for addictions professionals.  


Third-Party Contractors

We may utilize third-party contractors to manage and/or maintain the website for us and as a result they may have access to the information you provide through this website.


If you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy, or if you believe that our Privacy Policy is not being adhered to, please contact us at 303.763.7198 immediately. We take your privacy concerns very seriously. Thank you.


Updated:  04.01.2019


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