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Professional Membership has it's privileges!  Why join?

Professionals join an international membership organization - like NAADAC and CAAP - because:


  1. members and potential members believe in the causes NAADAC and CAAP stand for

  2. members depend on NAADAC and CAAP to advocate for their profession and what it stands for

  3. NAADAC and CAAP's collective voice is stronger than the individual voice - when it comes to advocacy and lobbying

  4. potential employers and clients see membership in a professional organization to be indicative of commitment to serving the clients with excellence

  5. members can access the most up-to-date information and professional development offerings

  6. members can access career information and employment opportunities

  7. members have the opportunity to be seen and heard by policy makers, affiliate organizations, even the Governor's office

By joining NAADAC - You become a member of CAAP

  1. Expand your professional competency through membership activities.  

  2. Receive two career-building memberships for one by joining NAADAC--your CAAP membership is included!  

  3. CAAP is proud to be the state affiliate of NAADAC. Colorado’s Board is one of the most active Boards nationally.

  4. CAAP is diligently working to be "a moving force" in our profession!

  5. CAAP's Annual Conference has quadrupled in size in 3 years.  We only bring in speakers who will give you practical tools and innovative practices that foster recovery within our client population.

  6. CAAP has partnered with other professional behavioral health organizations - promoting competency within our dual diagnosis clients.

The benefits of joining NAADAC:


  • Earn over 300 online CE credits free exclusively for NAADAC members through the NAADAC Webinar Series. All continuing education is offered online and at your convenience. Simply watch the webinar of your choice, complete the online CE quiz, and receive a free CE certificate to use towards your license/credential. 

    • NAADAC CE Acceptance: Click here to see all boards and organizations that accept NAADAC CEs. For specific inquiries, please contact us at 800.548.0497 or via email.

  • Free subscription to NAADAC’s official magazine, Advances in Addiction & Recovery.

  • Reduced rates for continuing education, independent study courses and continuing education units (CEUs), including the qualification and re-qualification courses for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

  • Reduced rates for NAADAC sponsored conferences, public policy events, NAADAC regional meetings and workshops. View the NAADAC Master Calendar for events in your area.

  • Reduced rates for all NAADAC publications, such as the Basics of Addiction Counseling educational series, used by experienced professionals and as references to prepare for certification exams. Go to the Online Store.

  • A 20% discount on all Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services (PES) resources. This NAADAC member rewards program is the highest non-volume related discount Hazelden offers. NAADAC members need to log into their NAADAC account on to get the NAADAC Hazelden discount code.

  • A 20% discount on the digital version of Dr. Darryl Inaba and William Cohen's Uppers, Downers, All-Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs, 8th edition. NAADAC members need to log into their NAADAC account on to get the NAADAC discount code for purchase online.



  • An influential and effective voice for addiction professionals before Congress and the federal administration, the key governmental bodies that determine how addiction treatment is funded and administered in America. Learn how you can contact members of Congress directly from the Take Action page.

  • Advocacy at the national level that affects your funding and policy at the state level. NAADAC was been instrumental in passing the substance abuse and mental health parity act in 2009 and made the voice of the profession heard during the debate on health reform in 2010. Full details on NAADAC's current legislative initiatives.


Professional Identity:

  • Networking opportunities through national and state conferences and workshops. View the NAADAC Master Calendar.

  • A professional identity and association that helps preserve and honor the unique talents of addiction professionals.

  • A nationally recognized Code of Ethics to promote professional ethics.

  • Dues include membership in NAADAC and your state affiliate. Connect with your state affiliate.


Professional Services:


Start taking advantage of your benefits, and your membership in NAADAC pays for itself almost immediately. Dues average only 30 cents per day!  You can join NAADAC online or by calling 1.800.548.0497.

How to Join:

Additional information regarding NAADAC membership can be found on the NAADAC website. You can join NAADAC by:


  • Calling 703-741-7686






44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 301

Alexandria, VA 22314.  


        It takes 2 to 3 weeks to process your membership application.


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