Colorado Launches New DUI Resource Website During Holiday "Heat Is On" Campaign.

The website aims to provide a wealth of information and DUI-related resources for at-risk individuals, family members and friends needing support, professionals working in alcohol and drug prevention, and even policymakers who need to get up-to-speed on DUI topics.

Drug Policy Alliance - Veterans Battling Addiction and Incarceration

Thousands of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury and other illnesses and injuries that often contribute to substance abuse and addiction. This report contains statistics regarding alcohol and drug addiction among vets plus recommendations to expand assisted therapies to treat addiction, reduce incarceration and prevent overdose deaths.

Motivational Interviewing - Overview of Theory, Principles, Training and Targeting Special Populations

Motivational interviewing refers to a counseling approach that is a client-centered method of engaging motivation to change behavior by developing discrepancy and exploring and resolving ambivalence within the client. This article offers background on the theory and research of Motivational Interviewing counseling techniques.

National Center for PTSD - Biology of PTSD

Psychobiological research provides clues to the causes of PTSD, how PTSD is related to other physical problems such as traumatic brain injury, and insight to potential PTSD medications.

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Magazine - Treating Addiction Disorders

Kathleen Sciacca explores collaborative treatment interventions that concur with the client’s readiness level with her article on Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Motivational Interviewing for Co-occurring Disorders. Dual diagnosis and motivational interviewing employs acceptance, non confrontation, and recognition of client’s readiness levels, and assess change incrementally. Dual diagnosis and motivational interviewing engage clients at their various levels of readiness to change.

NIDA Conference June 2008 - Pharmacotherapy for Cocaine Dependence: Do We Know Enough to Prescribe in the Real World?

This article reviews statistics for cocaine dependence nationally and outlines medications worth considering for treatment of cocaine dependence including Disulfiram, Modafinil, Topiramate, Baclofen, Propranolol, Tiagabine and Bupropion.

Removing Barriers - Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Motivational Interviewing

In the past, traditional treatment methods for drug addiction and alcoholism have been characteristically intense and confrontational. They are designed to break down a client’s denial, defenses, and/or resistance to his or her addictive disorders, as they are perceived by the provider. In contrast, traditional treatment methods for mental illness have been supportive, benign and non-threatening. As some attention began to focus on clients with both substance abuse problems and mental illnesses, it quickly became apparent that new methods and interventions were necessary. Working with dual disorder clients who deny substance abuse, who are unmotivated for substance abuse treatment, and who are unable to tolerate intense confrontation, required a new model. Kathleen Sciacca explores this non-confrontational approach and success with treating dual diagnosis clients.

Society for Neuroscience - Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System

This primer gives an overview of everything you wanted to know about the brain including brain development and its role with sensation, learning, memory, language, sleep, stress and aging. It also reviews neural disorders including drug and alcohol addiction, new diagnostic methods and potential therapies.